New - Not Part of the Job: How to Take a Stand Against Violence in the Work Setting

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“Did you know that 80% of nurses don’t feel safe in their workplace?” (Peek-ASA, et al., 2009)


Despite decades of attention to the issue of violence in the workplace by individuals and organizations across the health care spectrum, it is still a widespread problem that nurses face every day in their work environment.

It’s time we take a stand. Let’s put an end to workplace violence.

Designed to spark a conversation and provide actionable tactics to reduce workplace violence, “Not Part of the Job: How to Take a Stand Against Violence in the Work Setting” offers guidance to practicing nurses on how they can better protect themselves against a wide range of unacceptable behaviors.

This thought-provoking, action-oriented publication:

  • Outlines the factors that create barriers to efforts to reduce violence toward health care workers across a range of health care and social service settings.
  • Offers strategies and tools that we have found effective in addressing and reducing these barriers.
  • Provides steps that individual workers can take to make themselves safer while at work.
  • Illustrates best practices and case studies from field experience in public sector agency settings such as psychiatric hospitals, institutional and community settings for the developmentally disabled, residential addiction treatment centers, juvenile and adult justice facilities, and community mental health settings.
  • And much more.

Not Part of the Job: How to Take a Stand Against Violence in the Work Setting also focuses on the critical importance of collective action and building partnerships among workers, patient advocates, administrators, security personnel and others in order to effect change at the organizational level.

Nurses and other health care workers will find this book to be an invaluable resource in the move toward a safer workplace and improved patient care.


Author Biographies

Jane LipscombDr. Jane Lipscomb is a professor at the University of Maryland Schools of Nursing and Medicine and director of the UMB Center for Community-Based Engagement and Learning (CCBEL) in Baltimore, Maryland. She has conducted research into the prevention of occupational injuries and illness in the health care and social service workplace for over 20 years, with a focus on workplace violence prevention.

Matt LondonMatt London currently works as a consultant in occupational health and safety, utilizing his training in industrial hygiene and epidemiology and his varied experience as a health and safety professional. He is also currently adjunct professor in the department of Family & Community Health at the University of Maryland School of Nursing and is the East Coast coordinator for the Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP), a nine-week summer health and safety internship program that places undergraduate and graduate students with labor and community organizations.


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Date: 2/2015
Page #, Type: 111 pp., Softcover

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