ANCC Guide to Establishing Shared Governance Toolkit

  • ISBN: 9781935213093
  • PUB# 9781935213093

By Barbara Haag-Heitman, PhD, RN-BC, and Vicki George, PhD, RN, FAAN

Toolkit comes with CD-ROM

This toolkit will help nursing leaders understand the principles needed to implement shared governance. It gives practical guidelines and tools necessary to design or reinvent shared governance structures and processes. The toolkit is divided into 3 sections focusing on readiness, design or re-design of shared governance structures, and implementation. This toolkit has an accompanying CD-ROM that contains electronic versions of some of the tools that are meant to be used as templates for your implementation of shared governance at your facility.

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Table of Contents


Introduction to the Shared Governance Toolkit
Establishing Professional Status
The Early Years of Self-Regulation
Integrating the Ethical Standards
The Role of Management in Shared Governance
The Role of the Nursing Education Department
Shared Governance as Self-Regulation
About This Toolkit

Part 1. Laying the Groundwork
Appendix 1–A. Principles of Shared Governance*
Appendix 1–B. Index of Professional Governance—Interdisciplinary
Appendix 1–C. Index of Professional Nursing Governance
Appendix 1–D. Professional Nursing Governance Index
Appendix 1–E. Assessing Your Organization's Readiness to Design and Implement—Grid and Timeline*

Part 2. Beginning the Design
Setting New Expectations
Beginning the Work: The Design Team
Councils in a Shared Governance Structure
Structural Design Work
Shared Governance Operational Team (SGOT)
Development of the Nursing Strategic Plan
Summary of Key Elements for Successful Design
Shared Governance in Collective Bargaining Hospitals
Appendix 2–A. Suggested Reading for the Design Team
Appendix 2–B. Design Team Presentation*
Appendix 2–C. Orientation Agenda for All Council Members*
Appendix 2–D. Sample Ballot and Acceptance Letter*
Appendix 2–E. Nursing Strategic Plan Sample

Part 3. Implementing Shared Governance
Managing Change
The Key Elements for Successful Adoption and Sustainability
Appendix 3–A. Sample Meeting Flyer*
Appendix 3–B. Agenda Template*
Appendix 3–C. Unit Council Minutes Template*
Appendix 3–D. Council Meetings Calendar*
Appendix 3–E. Council Improvements-Problems List*
Appendix 3–F. Facilitating a Shared Governance Meeting Utilizing Watson's Model of Care
Appendix 3–G. Template for Standard Bylaws*
Appendix 3–G1. Excerpts From Professional Nursing Assembly Bylaws
Appendix 3–H. Budget Process
Appendix 3–H1. FTE Budget Process
Appendix 3–H2. Guidelines for Indirect Time Budget—2009
Appendix 3–I. Management Sponsor Responsibilities

*Indicates that the tool is included on the Tools for Establishing Shared Governance CD-ROM.