ANCC Die Komponenten Und Belege Der Evidenz Des Magnet-Modells

  • ISBN: 9781935213109
  • PUB# 9781935213109

NOTE: This product is associated with the 2008 Magnet® Application Manual and should be used for historic purposes only. Please refer to the NEW 2014 Magnet Application Manual for current Magnet Recognition Program® standards and requirements.

The Magnet Model Components and Sources of Evidence- Magnet Recognition Program® - German Version

This is an abridged version of the 2008 Magnet Recognition Program® Application Manual. The 51 page book is professionally translated in German to ensure linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance and clearly communicates the characteristics of a Magnet® environment. This version includes the supporting documents required in the organizational Overview and the 88 Sources of evidence used in the appraisal process. To understand the full scope of application requirements, the 2008 Magnet Recognition Program® Application Manual is essential.

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