New - What Would Florence Do? A Guide for New Nurse Managers

  • ISBN: 978-1-55810-583-6
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American Nurses Association is excited to announce a brand-new publication designed to help nurses excel in their management roles, regardless of tenure. This publication is an excellent resource that all CNOs or health care HR professionals can provide to their new and existing nurse management staff as an essential training guide.


Being a nurse manager is a tremendous responsibility and an exciting opportunity. You are accountable for the success or failure of your unit, your team and even your organization. In order to be successful, you are going to need a mentor to guide you in what to do; someone whose influence on modern nursing is respected and has transcended time.

You are going to need Florence Nightingale!

Since we can’t travel back in time, we’ve developed the next-best thing to talking to Florence in person — an essential guide designed to mentor you in all aspects of being a great nurse manager as you navigate this phase in your career.

This guide details Florence’s ideals and how using them can make you a phenomenal nurse manager in the 21st century. What Would Florence Do? A Guide for New Nurse Managers will give you actionable tips on:

  • Care coordination.
  • Community partnerships.
  • Developing others.
  • Ethical practice.
  • Safety and quality improvement.
  • Strategic planning.
  • And more!

With this handbook, you don’t have to steer through the current regulatory, quality and reimbursement issues in the era of health care reform without practical real-world guidance.

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Author Biography

Sue Johnson Renowned author of What Would Florence Do? A Guide for New Nurse Managers, Sue Johnson, PhD, RN, NE-BC, has been a practicing nurse for 50 years. Dr. Johnson is currently principal of RN Innovations LLC, a professional development education firm in Fort Wayne, IN. Prior to her retirement from hospital nursing in 2011, she was employed as Director of Clinical Excellence and Nursing Research at Parkview Health in Fort Wayne, IN. Her nursing roles have included staff nurse, manager, nursing resource management specialist, educator, accreditation specialist, and nurse director.

About This Book
Published: 11/2014
Page #: 108 pp.

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