The American Nurse: Healing America

    The American Nurse: Healing America - A Reflection Guide - The Power of You - The RN for Registered Nurses (Staff RNs and APRNs) and Nurse Leaders is a guide that accompanies the 2014 feature documentary, The American Nurse: Healing America. The guide is a tool for clinical education, residency programs, nurse celebrations, and more. It addresses today's critical health care issues through the eyes of nurses. "The film is a must-see for all health care professionals," says Foundation vice chair Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN. "This new guide advances the conversation about the nursing profession by asking film viewers to reflect on the first-hand accounts of nurses featured in the film and their commitment to healing America by transforming the way the country provides high-quality patient care."

    Download your free copy of this guide and be able to reflect on the stories of five nurses as they discuss the satisfaction they gain from caring for their patients as well as the challenges and frustrations they face with the changing health care environment.

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    The American Nurse: Healing America - A Film Companion Guide - For Academic and Clinical Nursing
    This guide was developed by the NYU College of Nursing and the American Nurses Foundation as a tool for nursing faculty, nurse educators, career counselors, and other health care stakeholders. The authors developed a series of learning outcomes for both academic and clinical settings. The companion guide offers suggestions for reflection and celebration, along with exercises that offer unlimited potential for each viewer, sample questions, and strategies that provide guidance for meeting a variety of learning outcomes after viewing the film. Also, this pre- and post-film discussion guide will help address nursing questions on:

    • Practice
    • Education
    • Research
    • Health Care Policy
    • And much more

    Provide this free guide (that goes along with the documentary) for your academic institution or clinical practice and join the celebration of being proud to be a nurse. With philosophical discussions on a variety of nursing constructs, you will be able to understand the power and impact of nursing in health care.

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